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COMMENTARY: The entrenched D.C. Swamp launches a war against President Donald Trump

A coup against President Donald Trump and his administration has begun.

Actually, it’s a coup … and a high-tech lynching … and a Joe McCarthy-like witch hunt … and a massive government conspiracy all rolled into one. The unelected deep state and D.C. Swamp are at war with our elected president.

Those mired in the D.C. Swamp tried to fix the election. They failed. They tried to frame Trump with illegal FISA wiretaps. They failed. They tried to frame Trump with Russian collusion. They failed. They tried to stop his tax cuts. They failed. They used the mainstream media to slander Trump with 93 percent negative coverage. They failed. They tried to fool us with fake news and fake polls. They failed.

As Rasmussen has proven, Trump is more popular than ever. The economy is booming. American taxpayers have more money in their pockets. Trump is carrying out his agenda to secure the border. China’s president just cried “uncle” to Trump’s trade war.

Despite all the hatred, vitriol, slander and negative media coverage, Trump is unstoppable, unbeatable, relentless.

Republicans control the White House, U.S. Supreme Court, the House and Senate, governorships, lieutenant governorships, secretaries of state posts and a huge majority of state legislatures. This is precisely why the D.C. Swamp is so desperate. The clock is ticking. Trump is erasing Obama’s entire legacy. Trump is destroying the globalists’ dream, too. America is back with a swagger.

I was a guest on “The Bill Cunningham Show” this past Sunday. Bill has the biggest weekend political audience in America. I said that the D.C. Swamp is desperate. It’s Trump or them. This is about much more than just politics or control of government. The D.C. Swamp and all the rats, snakes and swamp creatures are worried about their freedom. They’re worried about indictments, handcuffs and perp walks.

Liberal MSNBC commentator Donny Deutsch said it best a few weeks ago. He said Trump will win in a landslide, so he must be removed from office now.

Obama committed massive crimes against the American people. The trillion-dollar fraud of Obamacare … the cover-up of the death of American hero soldiers at Benghazi … the cover-up of “fast and furious” … the use of the IRS to destroy political opponents. I could add 20 more crimes, frauds, scams or violations of the Constitution. No one raided the offices of Obama’s lawyers.

IRS executive Lois Lerner oversaw the worst crimes by a federal agency ever. I was one of the victims. No one raided her lawyer’s office.

The Clinton Foundation is the single biggest tax, charity and extortion scam in the history of politics. The sale of the office of secretary of state. Where are the raids on its offices? Why hasn’t Hillary’s law firm been raided?

It’s a conspiracy. The people investigating Trump all benefited from Obama and Hillary’s crimes and scams. They need to remove Trump from office to save Hillary, Obama and themselves.

So, now they’ve violated attorney-client privilege over consensual sex 10 years ago between a porn star and a private citizen who was a billionaire playboy. What a serious crime against the American people. Maybe they’ll ask for the death penalty.

And I hear the FBI was looking for proof of an affair with a Playboy playmate, too. And don’t forget $40,000 in back taxes owed by Trump’s lawyer for taxi medallions.

The IRS tried to destroy the lives of Obama’s critics, conservative groups and GOP donors. Crickets.

Hillary stole the Democrat presidential primary. Crickets.

Trump might have had sex with a porn star. And his lawyer owes $40,000 over taxi medallions. Time for FBI SWAT raids.

My advice to Trump? Fire those in the D.C. Swamp. They are out to lynch you. It’s you or them. This is war. Sixty-three million Trump voters are your army. We have your back.

The history books will not be kind to the first coup against a U.S. president.

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