COMMENTARY: The mainstream media’s double standard when it come to Donald Trump and Barack Obama

Speaking of “fake news,” more than 90 percent of President Donald Trump’s coverage by the mainstream media is negative. Terribly negative. Horribly negative. Remarkably negative. That same media adore and idolize former President Barack Obama. The difference in the way they are treated is remarkable.

Remember it was Obama who first separated illegal alien parents from children. The media said nothing. When Trump did it, he was a Nazi and racist. Suddenly, it was compared to the Holocaust.

Can you even imagine if Trump used the IRS to go after liberal critics, liberal groups, Black Lives Matter or the NAACP? I can’t even imagine the protests, rioting, marches and screams for impeachment and prosecution.

That brings me to one of the most incredible examples. Anyone remember apartheid? That was the political and economic system of South Africa that saw blacks purposely kept in misery and poverty by the white minority. It was illegal for blacks to own property. This was a horrible, inhumane, evil system. Americans of all races and ideologies should have been offended and outraged by apartheid.

But are you aware South Africa has a new version of apartheid? I’ll bet you’re not. No one in the U.S. media has covered it. No headlines this time around. To my knowledge, only one national TV or radio host in the country has been exposing this terrible new apartheid for months on end — yours truly.

In my second career as a business speaker, I’ve lectured on entrepreneurship all around the world. I’ve spoken a half-dozen times in South Africa. I’ve given speeches in front of thousands in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. I’ve gotten to know the people of South Africa. I’ve made many wonderful friends for life.

That’s why I’ve been aware for months of this new apartheid. But this time it involves human rights and civil rights violations by the black majority of South Africa. This time it’s blatant discrimination, racism and hate crimes by the majority. This time it’s legal for blacks to steal the land of whites. This time it’s blacks murdering whites with impunity.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and his ruling African National Congress have made it legal to forcibly take land from white farmers and property owners. That was the first step.

Now comes the next radical step. The president and his Congress are changing the constitution to allow the South African government to forcibly take any white person’s land, this time without any compensation. Pure theft.

Worse, the president and several of his political allies have threatened to murder white property owners who refuse to hand over their property. They actually said they have no plans at the moment for a “genocide.” The inference being that if white farmers and property owners put up a fight or refuse to comply, the next step will be a genocide.

An emboldened citizenry is already taking matters into its own hands. A U.K. newspaper reports one white farmer is murdered every five days in South Africa. Hundreds of white landowners have been killed or badly injured in mob attacks since 2016.

Yet the world says nothing. The media say nothing. Politicians say nothing. Hollywood celebrities say nothing. There are no protests or calls for boycotts. Hard to believe.

Enter Obama. The former president recently accepted a speech in South Africa. He was paid with money tainted by racism, theft and murder. Worse, he didn’t use that platform to say a word about the new apartheid. Worse yet, he stood on that stage next to the president of South Africa, lending him credibility. Then he praised the president who presides over a country stealing white-owned land, murdering whites and threatening genocide.

Yet the media said nothing.

Amazing. This disparity in the treatment of Trump compared with Obama is the very definition of fake news.

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