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COMMENTARY: ‘Vote harvesting’ shows how far Democrats will go to win elections

In my last column, I told you that after talking with Bill Cunningham of Cincinnati, a conservative talk radio superstar and one of my heroes, I had pinpointed one of the big reasons the Ohio GOP almost swept the ballot, while the Nevada GOP lost virtually every race. The answer was conservative talk radio. The GOP candidates in Ohio embraced it, while the Nevada GOP candidates ignored it.

But there’s also another reason. In Ohio, it’s almost impossible for illegal aliens to vote. In Nevada, not so.

In Nevada, anyone can drive. Nevada is one of 12 states that issue driver’s licenses or driver authorization cards to illegal aliens. And any noncitizen can register to vote in Nevada without proving citizenship.

In Ohio, illegals can’t get driver’s licenses. And no one in Ohio can get a driver’s license without a passport or birth certificate. Both, of course, prove you’re an American citizen. Then, to vote, you must show your driver’s license.

There it is. In Ohio, it’s almost impossible to vote if you’re a noncitizen. In Nevada, you can. Liberals claim there is no “voter fraud.” Well, there’s not. It’s actually “registration fraud.” And it’s easy and basically legal.

There are many steps the Nevada GOP can take between now and 2020 to win elections. We need fresh leadership with creative ideas. We need to recruit better candidates with more energy and personality. We need to raise far more money to compete with liberal out-of-state billionaires who flooded our airwaves with TV ads. We need to produce a ground game and text game to “get out the vote.” And we need to make conservative talk radio the centerpiece of GOP campaigns to sell GOP candidates. Liberals have the media, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Conservatives have talk radio. Why wouldn’t we use it?

All of this would help. But none of it will win a single election if we don’t fix the problem of voter fraud/registration fraud.

I can hear liberals howling. “There is no voter fraud. We’d never do such a thing.” California disproves that storyline. California proves liberals will do anything to win elections.

California liberals just stole Orange County with “vote harvesting.” In the days after the election, Democrats handed in 250,000 late ballots that they “legally” harvested. Meaning they walked door to door and helped Democrat voters fill out ballots on the spot, then handed them in. Voila. Instant voting by handing your ballot to a stranger.

Will that stranger check if you’re a legal citizen? Will he throw your ballot in the garbage if you vote Republican? Did the voter fill out the ballot? Maybe the Democrat volunteers filled out all the ballots. “Vote harvesting” is so clearly linked to voter fraud that it’s illegal across the country — except in California.

Six Orange County GOP congressional candidates led on election night, only to lose many days later when Democrats flooded the market with 250,000 ballots. Orange County Republicans turned out in record numbers and still lost.

Democrats didn’t “vote harvest” in Nevada. They found other ways to win, which could include “registration fraud.” This is a lesson for the entire nation. Whoever counts the votes wins elections.

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