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WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: A plan to make America American again

Updated June 22, 2019 - 11:45 pm

The Democrat plan to ruin America is very clear. California Gov. Gavin Newsom gave it away just days ago. Thank you, Gavin. The truth will set us free.

Newsom argued in a Politico interview that the national GOP under President Donald Trump is a repeat of the California GOP under Gov. Pete Wilson in 1994. He argues Wilson destroyed the GOP in California by campaigning for a law to limit spending on illegal aliens. From that point on, California became a lost cause for the GOP. Newsom claims that’s what’s about to happen to national Republicans.

He’s right. Guess who lived in California in 1994? Yours truly. I was a witness. The year 1994 was the beginning of the end for the California GOP. From that point on, California became a foreign socialist state.

But not because of Pete Wilson’s push to protect California taxpayers from foreign invasion and bankruptcy. Actually, Pete Wilson won re-election. The citizens of California voted for his plan.

Democrats immediately realized they couldn’t beat the GOP among American-born voters. So they violated the Constitution and opened the borders. That’s how they beat us. And the dumb, cowardly California GOP let them do it.

That’s how Democrats turned the red state of Ronald Reagan into a dark blue state. They couldn’t beat us, so they changed the demographics. Republicans will be lucky to ever win again in California.

California Dems made sure the people of Mexico and other foreign countries understood the borders were open and Democrats would give them every form of welfare.

Then they gave illegals driver’s licenses. They registered illegals automatically at the DMV. They made sure there was no voter ID at the polls.

Recognize the plan? Newsom gave it away. This is now the national plan for Democrats. Make the whole country into California. Make America Foreign Again. California was just the trial run.

So my advice to President Trump is to play their game. Laws don’t matter to Democrats. The ends justify the means. Why should we play the game any differently? Just like Barack Obama, Trump must ignore Congress and rule by executive order. It’s the only way to save America. The ends justify the means.

Here is a list of 10 executive orders to stop illegal immigration. Democrats will howl, call us “racist” and sue. Who cares? Let the Supreme Court decide. I’m betting we win most of these battles.

1. Order government-issued photo ID for all federal elections starting with 2020.

2. Ban driver’s licenses for illegals (thereby nullifying state laws in places such as California, New York and Nevada).

3. Ban health insurance for illegals (nullifying state laws in New York and California).

4. Order a ban of federal funding for sanctuary cities or states.

5. Order politicians and government officials who purposely violate the Constitution to support or fund illegals be subject to arrest, prosecution and prison.

6. Permanently ban all forms of welfare for illegals and ban it for the first 10 years for legal immigrants.

7. Make English the official language of America and demand voting in English only.

8. Order voter fraud by illegals to be a felony and punishable by instant deportation.

9. Ban birthright citizenship.

10. Order the wall funded by Mexico with a combination of a tax on remittances, tolls on the Mexico border, reduced foreign aid to Mexico and offending nations and the confiscation of drug cartel monies.

This is how we save America, make it safe again and Make America American Again.

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