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WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Democrats’ response to death of terrorist is a disgrace

We’ve hit a new low in the history of American politics. President Donald Trump just successfully eliminated (arguably) the worst mass murdering terrorist in the world today. A man who defines, “the evil that men do.” Democrats and liberal activists responded by demonizing Trump, apologizing to Iran and, in some cases, defending the mass murdering terrorist.

At this point, my guess is Democrats would side with Hitler if Trump killed him with a missile strike.

They’d say, “Hitler was a bad guy, but to assassinate him is a war crime. That makes us terrorists. Trump is worse than Hitler. Worse, this assassination might escalate tensions between America and the Nazis. It might lead to war. We should have left Hitler alone.”

Can anyone doubt that’s what Democrats would say? Simply substitute the name Qassem Soleimani for Hitler. Various Democrat leaders, presidential candidates, liberal activists and Hollywood celebrities used similar words to attack and demonize Trump over the targeting and killing of one of the world’s worst terrorists.

Celebrity athlete and Nike spokesman Colin Kaepernick accused our military of being “terrorists” and called our troops “plunderers of the non-white world.”

Let’s go over a few facts. First, our military is filled with wonderful, brave, heroic, black and brown soldiers.

Second, many of those black and brown American soldiers have died throughout history defending freedom — including the right of ignorant celebrities such as Kaepernick to say stupid, racist and treasonous things.

Third, many of our black and brown American soldiers died at the hands of Soleimani.

Lastly, aren’t the millions of people murdered, maimed or displaced by Soleimani in the Middle East mostly brown and black themselves? Didn’t Trump just do them a favor?

Here’s how a normal American, not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome might respond.

When President Barack Obama targeted and killed Osama bin Laden, I cheered and celebrated. When Obama ordered drone strikes against terrorists, I supported him. A military and terrorism expert on my national radio show just days ago reported Obama oversaw 2,700 drone strikes in the Middle East.

When it comes to killing terrorists, we aren’t Republican or Democrat. We are all patriots and Americans.

I know of no Republican who blamed Obama, dared to call him a “war criminal” or made excuses about why killing evil terrorists was not a good thing. I know of no Republican who ever dared to defend a murdering Islamic terrorist superstar simply because Obama killed him. But Democrats have sunk to a new low never before imagined.

This was one of the worst, most evil, vile terrorists in history. He killed and maimed thousands of Americans and perhaps hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters in Iran. Trump took him out. Democrats should join Republicans and every other kind of American to simply say, “Thank you, good job” and move on.

But they didn’t, and they won’t.

There’s no longer a doubt. If Trump killed Hitler, Democrats would defend Hitler, call Trump a “war criminal” and apologize to the Nazis while begging on their knees for peace.

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