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Solar, water don’t mix

On a recent road trip to the Midwest, I kept noticing something new on the horizon: windmills. In state after state, wind farms were almost as ubiquitous as cornfields.

Energy summit will help create jobs

While the Congress is in recess, important work goes on. The National Clean Energy Summit 2.0, which will be held in Las Vegas on Monday, will build on the two previous summits which were held in Las Vegas and in Washington, D.C. This year we will focus on how natural gas, wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy will positively impact jobs as we begin to emerge from the worst recession in decades.

Hard to go green

We’re entering a brave new world when it comes to energy. In order to save the planet from certain doom, mankind must overcome his reliance on fossil fuels and develop green, renewable sources to meet our energy demands.