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Las Vegas Aviators 2019 season schedule

Here is the Las Vegas Aviators schedule for the 2019 season:


Thu. Apr. 4 6:05PM @El Paso

Fri. Apr. 5 6:05PM @El Paso

Sat. Apr. 6 6:05PM @El Paso

Sun. Apr. 7 12:05PM @El Paso

Mon. Apr. 8 6:05PM @El Paso

Tue. Apr. 9 7:05PM SACRAMENTO

Wed. Apr. 10 7:05PM SACRAMENTO

Thu. Apr. 11 7:05PM SACRAMENTO

Fri. Apr. 12 7:05PM FRESNO

Sat. Apr. 13 7:05PM FRESNO

Sun. Apr. 14 12:05PM FRESNO

Mon. Apr. 15 7:05 PM FRESNO

Tue. Apr. 16 6:35PM @Sacramento

Wed. Apr. 17 6:35PM @Sacramento

Thu. Apr. 18 7:05PM @Sacramento

Fri. Apr. 19 7:05PM @Fresno

Sat. Apr. 20 7:05PM @Fresno

Sun. Apr. 21 1:05PM @Fresno

Mon. Apr. 22 6:35PM @Fresno

Tue. Apr. 23 OFF

Wed. Apr. 24 7:05PM EL PASO

Thu. Apr. 25 7:05PM EL PASO

Fri. Apr. 26 7:05PM EL PASO

Sat. Apr. 27 7:05PM EL PASO

Sun. Apr. 28 12:05PM EL PASO

Mon. Apr. 29 6:35PM @Reno

Tue. Apr. 30 11:05AM @Reno


Wed. May 1 6:35PM @Reno

Thu. May 2 6:35PM @Reno

Fri. May 3 7:05PM FRESNO

Sat. May 4 7:05PM FRESNO

Sun. May 5 12:05PM FRESNO

Mon. May 6 7:05PM FRESNO

Tue. May 7 7:05PM SALT LAKE

Wed. May 8 7:05PM SALT LAKE

Thu. May 9 7:05PM SALT LAKE

Fri. May 10 7:05PM SALT LAKE

Sat. May 11 7:05PM TACOMA

Sun. May 12 12:05PM TACOMA

Mon. May 13 7:05PM TACOMA

Tue. May 14 10:35AM TACOMA

Wed. May 15 OFF

Thu. May 16 5:35PM @Salt Lake

Fri. May 17 5:35PM @Salt Lake

Sat. May 18 5:35PM @Salt Lake

Sun. May 19 12:05PM @Salt Lake

Mon. May 20 5:35PM @Salt Lake

Thu. May 23 7:05PM ALBUQUERQUE

Fri. May 24 7:05PM ALBUQUERQUE

Sat. May 25 6:35PM @Reno

Sun. May 26 6:35PM @Reno

Mon. May 27 1:05PM @Reno (Memorial Day)

Tue. May 28 6:35PM @Reno

Wed. May 29 6:35PM @Sacramento

Thu. May 30 7:05PM @Sacramento

Fri. May 31 7:05PM @Sacramento


Sat. June 1 7:05PM @Sacramento

Sun. June 2 1:05PM @Sacramento

Mon. June 3 OFF

Tue. June 4 7:05PM ROUND ROCK

Wed. June 5 7:05PM ROUND ROCK

Thu. June 6 7:05PM ROUND ROCK

Fri. June 7 7:05PM SAN ANTONIO

Sat. June 8 7:05PM SAN ANTONIO

Sun. June 9 12:05PM SAN ANTONIO

Mon. June 10 7:05PM SAN ANTONIO

Tue. June 11 OFF

Wed. June 12 5:05PM @Nashville

Thu. June 13 5:05PM @Nashville

Fri. June 14 5:05PM @Nashville

Sat. June 15 4:35PM @Memphis

Sun. June 16 12:05PM @Memphis

Mon. June 17 4:35PM @Memphis

Tue. June 18 9:05AM @Memphis

Wed. June 19 OFF

Thu. June 20 7:05PM SACRAMENTO

Fri. June 21 7:05PM SACRAMENTO

Sat. June 22 7:05PM SACRAMENTO

Sun. June 23 12:05PM SACRAMENTO

Mon. June 24 7:05PM SACRAMENTO

Tue. June 25 7:05PM @Fresno

Wed. June 26 7:05PM @Fresno

Thu. June 27 7:05PM @Fresno

Fri. June 28 7:05PM @Fresno

Sat. June 29 7:05PM RENO

Sun. June 30 7:05PM RENO


Mon. July 1 7:05PM RENO

Tue. July 2 7:05PM RENO

Wed. July 3 7:05PM RENO

Thu. July 4 5:35PM @Albuquerque

Fri. July 5 5:35PM @Albuquerque

Sat. July 6 5:35PM @Albuquerque

Sun. July 7 5:05PM @Albuquerque

Mon.-Wed. July 8-10 Triple-A All-Star Break

Wed. July 10 Triple-A All-Star Game TBA

(Southwest University Park – El Paso, TX)

Thu. July 11 7:05PM SALT LAKE

Fri. July 13 7:05PM SALT LAKE

Sat. July 12 7:05PM SALT LAKE

Sun. July 14 7:05PM SALT LAKE

Mon. July 15 7:00PM @Tacoma

Tue. July 16 11:35AM @Tacoma

Wed. July 17 7:00PM @Tacoma

Thu. July 18 7:00PM @Tacoma

Fri. July 19 6:05PM @Salt Lake

Sat. July 20 6:05PM @Salt Lake

Sun. July 21 12:05PM @Salt Lake

Mon. July 22 OFF

Tue. July 23 7:05PM EL PASO

Wed. July 24 7:05PM EL PASO

Thu. July 25 7:05PM EL PASO

Fri. July 26 6:05PM @El Paso

Sat. July 27 6:05PM @El Paso

Sun. July 28 5:05PM @El Paso

Mon. July 29 OFF

Tue. July 30 7:05PM NEW ORLEANS

Wed. July 31 7:05PM NEW ORLEANS


Thu. Aug. 1 7:05PM NEW ORLEANS

Fri. Aug. 2 7:05PM OKLAHOMA CITY

Sat. Aug. 3 7:05PM OKLAHOMA CITY

Sun. Aug. 4 7:05PM OKLAHOMA CITY

Mon. Aug. 5 7:05PM OKLAHOMA CITY

Wed. Aug. 7 5:08PM @Iowa

Thu. Aug. 8 5:08PM @Iowa

Fri. Aug. 9 5:08PM @Iowa

Sat. Aug. 10 5:05PM @Omaha

Sun. Aug. 11 3:05PM @Omaha

Mon. Aug. 12 5:05PM @Omaha

Tue. Aug. 13 10:05AM @Omaha

Wed. Aug. 14 OFF

Thu. Aug. 15 7:05PM ALBUQUERQUE

Fri. Aug. 16 7:05PM ALBUQUERQUE

Sat. Aug. 17 7:05PM ALBUQUERQUE

Sun. Aug. 18 7:05PM ALBUQUERQUE

Mon. Aug. 19 7:05PM RENO

Tue. Aug. 20 7:05PM RENO

Wed. Aug. 21 7:05PM RENO

Thu. Aug. 22 7:00PM @Tacoma

Fri. Aug. 23 7:00PM @Tacoma

Sat. Aug. 24 7:00PM @Tacoma

Sun. Aug. 25 1:35PM @Tacoma

Mon. Aug. 26 5:35PM @Albuquerque

Tue. Aug. 27 5:35PM @Albuquerque

Wed. Aug. 28 5:35PM @Albuquerque

Thu. Aug. 29 5:35PM @Albuquerque

Fri. Aug. 30 7:05PM TACOMA

Sat. Aug. 31 7:05PM TACOMA


Sun. Sept. 1 7:05PM TACOMA

Mon. Sept. 2 12:05PM TACOMA (Labor Day)



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