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These bad deeds don’t go unpunished

In pleading for leniency from a judge, Priscilla Rocha reminded the court what drove her to steal more than a quarter-million dollars from the Clark County School District in the first place: a staggering sense of entitlement.

ESAs can cover private school tuition

Nevada’s new school choice initiatives are national news. Editorial pages and education writers everywhere are pointing to the state’s new education savings accounts and other reforms as the nation’s gold standard for parent empowerment and academic competition.

Bill hardly an attack on middle class

Nevada lawmakers don’t have to look too hard for reasons to pass Assembly Bill 182, which contains provisions that public employee bargaining groups have labeled “union Armageddon.” In fact, lawmakers can find the biggest justification for the bill walking the halls of the Legislative Building as a paid lobbyist.

City needs new vision for downtown

Carolyn Goodman announced Thursday that Major League Soccer had rejected Las Vegas’ bid for an expansion franchise. The decision did much more than dash the mayor’s dream of downtown professional sports. It killed the unpopular downtown soccer stadium project she championed.

Take your own advice, governor

“All things being equal, we prefer to keep more of our earnings. That fact makes new taxes a tough sell. As such, the proponents of new taxes, like any good marketer, ignore what’s unpopular about the product. Instead, they point to the alleged benefits of the tax, rarely mentioning the costs. … Speaking out against new benefits is not popular. Hard truths rarely are. … Tax revenues, as we all know, have to come from somewhere, and someone will have to pay. … Spending is so much more enjoyable when you ignore where the money comes from. But we must try to resist the easy temptation to forget the burdens of taxation, even when that burden may fall on someone else.”