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Live large in your small space

“Small Is Beautiful” is the title of a series of books by E. F. Schumacher (1911-1977), German economist

#SafePlaceSelfie raising awareness about emergency shelter

The National Weather Service is partnering with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for a social media campaign to raise awareness of weather safe places.

No additional TB cases found in testing at Las Vegas school

The Southern Nevada Health District tested 187 students or employees at Durango High School after a person at the school was diagnosed with active tuberculosis in early March but got no positive results for the disease.

Trump looks again to kill Obamacare

Unshackled from the shadow once cast by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, President Trump on Tuesday returned to a familiar theme: killing off the Affordable Care Act once and for all.

US experts: Too soon to pull breast implants tied to cancer

Government medical advisers said Monday it’s too soon to ban a type of breast implant that has recently been linked to a rare form of cancer, saying more information is needed to understand the problem.

Use ‘come-along’ tool to stretch chain-link fence

Q: On the side of my house next to my outside wall is an open area that we want to close in so the dog won’t run out. It’s a small dog, so we only need a fence about 3 feet high. The guy we bought the house from already installed metal poles in the ground for chain-link fencing. My question is, how do I stretch the fencing across the poles?

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