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Downtown Neighborhood News

Find out what’s going on downtown, from Lied Discovery Children’s Museum, 833 Las Vegas Blvd. North, being named one of 500 finalists in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program to the Hispanic Museum of Nevada’s day camp program.

Downtown residents find ways to beat the heat

According to the National Weather Service, July 2010 was the hottest month ever recorded in Las Vegas since record keeping began in 1937. The high reached triple digits every day that month, with a sweltering average temperature of 96.2 degrees. That’s what happens when you plop down civilization in the middle of a 25,000-square-mile desert. Thanks, Mojave. But there are ways to cope with the oven-esque atmosphere.

Summer fitness can be safe with proper planning

While it’s easy to say that the answer to summer workouts in Las Vegas is a simple “no,” the fact is that with a little caution and preparation, you can keep fit and tone up while avoiding heat stroke.
The most obvious rule of thumb for summer workouts is to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Your best bet is the early morning hours. During the day buildings absorb heat and release it when the sun goes down. If you must work out outside in the early evening, you can save yourself a few degrees by keeping away from buildings.

Workers take on Las Vegas’ sweltering temperatures

Thousands of the Las Vegas employed call the great outdoors their workplace — and a treacherous one at that. The maximum average for June is 98.9 degrees, July is 104.4 degrees and August is 101.8 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas summers mean adjustments for new residents

All it takes is one summer of triple-digit temperatures for those new to the valley to learn the dos and don’ts of dealing with the heat.

Literary Las Vegas

Sheldon Sid Brodkin’s “Boro Park, Vegas and All the In-Betweens” began as a biography detailing his friend’s life as one of the early “movers and shakers in Las Vegas.”

Kids can prepare for anything with survival book

There is absolutely no way you’re staying inside another minute. All year long, when school’s in session, you spend enough time indoors. But with summer here and the free time that comes with it, you plan on being outside as much as possible — hiking, exploring and camping. But what if you get lost?

Letters to the editor

While the “Rattled On The Trails” article by Michael Lyle (June 28 View) presented the advice of Michael Burroughs of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there was little said with respect to the protection and conservation of Nevada’s natural resource: our speckled rattlesnake.

Readers disagree with advice on relationships

You did not explore the possibility that this man in particular may have been looking through the lens of a man who is intensely and head over heels involved with another, perhaps younger, thinner, temporarily more “exciting,” more fashionable woman.