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Bill attempts to loosen DUI law for medical marijuana users

Las Vegas police and prosecutors testified against a bill Tuesday that would allow medical marijuana users to drive and not be prosecuted for impaired driving just because they have some marijuana in their blood.

Hardware expo shows wares of all sorts for creating home projects

Slices of gourmet pizza flew out of Sandy Shapiro’s dish almost as fast as he placed them. Down the way, Masterbuilt was preparing to smoke a whole hog while Saber was passing out hot bratwurst. It’s all part of the fun at the 2013 National Hardware Show.

Tony Bennett touches hearts once more

The concert was hours away, but Rose Meranto dressed early for her Friday evening date at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Small Plates: Dining out at Press; baking apples at home

DINING OUT: PRESS, FOUR SEASONS, 3960 LAS VEGAS BLVD. SOUTH. Extending across the lobby and garden at the Four Seasons and offering indoor and outdoor seating, Press starts the morning with Lavazza espressos, coffees, freshly squeezed juices, fruit cups and housemade pastries.

Castle Rock Central Coast Pinot Noir

Wine: Castle Rock Central Coast pinot noir, Grape: Pinot noir, Region: Central Coast, Calif.

Democrats disagree on patient-dumping blame

There are two extremes when it comes to the Democratic response to the patient-dumping scandal that has vexed the previously unvexable administration of Gov. Brian Sandoval: Cacophony or coddling.

A full-time Legislature – without a vote

Do Nevada voters want a nearly full-time Legislature? Lawmakers certainly think so. The 2013 session has seen state legislators continue their push for more power, more money and more time to pass more laws and exert more control over our lives.

Glazier’s appeals to New Yorkers hungering for home

New York expatriates definitely are fond of their old-familiar regional foods, and Glazier’s Food Marketplace, 8525 W. Warm Springs Road, has filled a niche in that regard.

Expect ‘Michael Jackson One’ to stay awhile

Chuck Bowling, president and chief operating officer at Mandalay Bay, is confident that the staying power of “Michael Jackson One” will have legs.

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