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Cavs fans should love new Anthony Bennett

Last year, the Canadian kid the Cleveland Cavaliers took first was Anthony Bennett from UNLV; this year it was Andrew Wiggins from Kansas. Taking Bennett first hasn’t worked out. Not yet, at least.

Gaughan back on track with emotional victory

Brendan Gaughan was back at it, back running around in circles Friday night, in Kentucky. He finished sixth in the NASCAR Nationwide Series race. It was an excellent result; the announcers said the No. 62 South Point Camaro was loose going into the turns, tight coming off.

At No. 2, Jabari Parker is NBA Draft’s best bet

A sure thing is hard to find in sports betting and basketball scouting, although some players are guaranteed to be great. Jabari Parker is a next-best-thing player.

U.S. recognizes spectacular scenery on Colorado River below Hoover Dam

Take a first-hand look at the Colorado River between Hoover Dam and Willow Beach. That stretch of water is part of the Black Canyon Water Trail, one of 16 National Water Trails across the country and the first in the Southwest.

Santa Anita picks up slack in California

If you want to know how good a job Santa Anita Park has done with this extended race meet, just ask yourself this: How many horseplayers do you hear complaining about not racing at Hollywood Park?

U.S. may not win Cup, but at least we know who players are

Former UNLV soccer coach Barry Barto played for the U.S. men’s national soccer team from 1972 through 1975 but never made the World Cup. It’s hard to qualify for the World Cup when some of your best players can’t make it to the qualifiers because they can’t get off work. at a time when players sometimes couldn’t get off work to play international matches. On Sunday, more than 24.7 million domestic TV viewers watched the Americans battle Portugal to a 2-2 draw Sunday in the group stage of the World Cup. In the group stage! That was more Americans, on average, than watched last year’s Wor

51s’ Viola relives his role in the greatest college baseball game ever played

Game 2 of the finals at the College World Series is tonight. Virginia vs. Vanderbilt. Hopefully it’ll be a good game. Maybe it’ll even be a great game. Will it be the Greatest College Baseball Game Ever Played? Probably not. That one already is spoken for.

Madlock’s lessons not limited to batter’s box

It was Thursday, midafternoon, and it was a little stuffy at the climate-controlled batting cages in an industrial park on McLeod Drive not far from the airport called The Dugout. It’s hard to control climate when guys toting baseball bats keep barging through an open door to take their cuts.

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