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Titus on bill to regulate ‘bump stocks’ like machine guns

A bipartisan bill that would provide a framework to restrict and regulate “bump stocks” was filed Tuesday — a day before the one month anniversary of the Las Vegas Strip shooting massacre.

Analysis: Push to ban bump stocks likely to have predictable end

After the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting that left 58 dead and hundreds wounded, Washington partisans launched a determined effort to find someone else to blame.

Senators recall acts of heroism, bravery following Las Vegas shooting

Tales of heroism and bravery during the chaos of the Las Vegas Strip shooting were told in startling detail on the Senate floor Wednesday as Nevada lawmakers paid tribute to victims of the nation’s deadliest gun violence attack.

Harry Reid grieves with Las Vegas, but isn’t ready to talk guns yet

Twelve days after the Oct. 1 mass shooting on the Strip, former U.S. Sen. Harry Reid said it would be “untoward” of him to talk about gun control, but he hinted that he might have something to say on the subject soon.

Plans for gun control bills dim as GOP leaders want ATF action

A flurry of gun control legislation has been filed in Congress following the Las Vegas Strip shooting, but prospects for legislative action have dimmed as GOP leaders look to the Trump administration for an administrative remedy.

$1M grant to help pay for Las Vegas shooting response

President Donald Trump announced the grant Wednesday in what would for anyone else be an unusual manner — via Twitter.

Bipartisan bill filed to ban sale, manufacture of bump stocks

A bipartisan bill to ban the sale and manufacture of bump stocks — devices that allow semi-automatic rifles to fire at an accelerated rate — was filed Tuesday in the House.