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CES 2019: Finally, you can buy a cordless hair dryer

While the tech world has largely made the move to wireless, one appliance has been left in the outlet. Hair dryers are still tethering us to the counter. Volo Beauty intends to change that.

The Volo Beauty hair dryer is about the same size and weight of the average hair dryer — but this one runs on battery.

It’s heated with an infrared light rather than the nichrome heating element found in virtually every other hair dryer on the market.

“The radiant heat dries hair from the inside,” CEO Ryan Goldman explains. “It’s better for your hair. And it doesn’t toast your hair like the average hair dryer does.”

On a full charge, the hair dryer can run for about 13 minutes on high and 24 minutes on medium. “On average, most women need to use it for seven and a half minutes to get completely dry,” Goldman says.

Goldman recommends using it in conjunction with the Volo Hero Quick-Dry towel. The super soft towel claims to absorb nearly 10 times its weight in water and dry hair as much as 50 percent faster than other towels.

Volo Beauty is taking home a 2019 CES Innovation award for the appliance.

Currently, the hair dryer is only available through KickStarter.com, with plans to ship this summer. Pre-sale hair dryers start at $275. The hair dryer will retail at $399.

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