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Where are the majority of new Nevada residents moving from?

Updated July 26, 2023 - 7:58 pm

Roughly 30 percent of the people moving to Nevada over the last year are from California, according to a new study from MoveBuddha.

Nevada ranks 13th in the nation when it comes to top destinations for Americans who are leaving their state, according to the study that uses 2022 U.S. Census Bureau data along with net migration economic forecasting models, plus searches and queries regarding moves and moving company hires on its website from the start of January to June 8 of this year.

Additionally, for every 100 residents moving out of the Silver State, 134 are moving in this year so far (a move in rate of 1.34). Las Vegas has an even higher move-in rate of 1.48, which means for every 100 people moving out of Las Vegas, 148 are moving in this year.

When it comes to who is moving to Nevada, Californians make up a significant chunk (29.7 percent), followed by Texas (8.4), Florida (6.4), Washington (4.8) and New York (4.3 percent), the study said.

Nick Pipitone, MoveBuddha’s communications manager, said while the company doesn’t track specific reasons behind moves, it’s pretty easy to assume people are moving to Nevada and Las Vegas for a very specific reason.

“Surveys show people move for many reasons, and the top ones are usually for work and family. But when it comes to moving to Nevada, we think people are moving to the state mainly because it makes economic sense,” he added.

“A recent Tax Foundation study found that Americans are increasingly leaving high-tax, high-cost states for lower-tax, lower-cost alternatives. A state like Nevada, with no state or corporate income tax, low median property tax rates, and no estate or inheritance tax, fits this national trend.”

People moving to Nevada is at a three-year high, above a recent high water mark of 2020, when the move-in rate was 1.25. Las Vegas and Reno are also two of the top destinations for San Francisco residents who have chosen to leave their city, the study said.

According to an earlier 2023 report from MoveBuddha, Las Vegas and Reno ranked second and third, respectively, behind Austin, Texas, as the destinations of choice in 2022. Miami and Orlando, Florida, rounded out the top five.

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