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Katy Perry breaks down her ‘Glitching Eye’ party trick

Katy Perry is finally letting fans in on the secret behind her viral, glitching eye.

Footage of the “Daisies” songstress blew up in October of last year for the bizarre, robotic movement just one of her eyes made during one of her final “Play” residency shows at the Theatre at Resorts World, leaving viewers wildly confused.

Her right eye seemed to shut on its own in the brief clip, though she made efforts to pry it open. After touching the side of her face it fluttered open for a moment before closing again. Finally, she touched the side of her face again, successfully setting her eye back to normal and going on about her performance without a word.

Now, in a new video interview with Vogue shared on the publication’s TikTok page, the “American Idol” judge is giving us the full breakdown of the action and how she learned to do it — because as much as it looks like one, it was not, in fact, a glitch.

“@katyperry has been in the glam chair for over 15 years, and she has developed some tricks along the way. In her episode of #LifeInLooks, the superstar shares how she mastered the “doll pose” to make sure she always likes her look from start to finish.”

@voguemagazine @katyperry has been in the glam chair for over 15 years, and she has developed some tricks along the way. In her episode of #LifeInLooks ♬ original sound - Vogue

The 38-year-old calls the movement the “doll eye,” which she perfected as a way to keep an eye — literally — on the progress of her hair and makeup.

She showed off the move as she broke it down, going on to explain, “I’ve sat in a hair and make-up chair for 15 years. If they’re putting eyeshadow on this eye and someone is putting my hair up into a French twist, I want to give notes in real-time.”

She then acted as though it were glitching again before correcting herself and giving the camera a wink.

Many fans were relieved to finally have an answer, with one commenting, “I’ve been waiting for this video this entire time omfg I love HER.”

“this should have come out months ago,” another wrote.

One had even thought it was a side effect of a cosmetic procedure up until now, writing, “Omg I have clients that think it’s Botox gone wrong…. It’s hilarious.”

Others were confused about the “trick” aspect of it, with one wondering, “Wait can’t everyone do that?”

“I can’t even wink properly,” one response countered.

Many others were shocked to learn that not everyone can close just one eye at a time at all, let alone maintain such control over both and further proving the impressive nature of Perry’s little trick.

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