Readers find meatloaf sandwiches available in Las Vegas

Updated April 25, 2017 - 6:02 pm

April 26, 2017

Taste of the Town readers have several suggestions for Norm Lubke, who’s looking for restaurants that serve meatloaf sandwiches.

Ann Brown suggested Lagasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo and Hash House A Go Go, which has five locations in the valley. Eileen Guillermo emailed that although it’s not on the menu at the Coffee Cup at 512 Nevada Highway in Boulder City, “old-timers like my husband order this sandwich every time we go,” adding that he eats half and takes half home. And Ron Hirschkind said it’s on the menu at the Claim Jumper, which has four restaurants in the area; he suggested a do-it-yourself version.

More on blood sausage: William Bloom suggested the German Bread Bakery, which has stores at 2237 N. Rampart Blvd. and9255 E. Serene Ave. And Herman Straif recommended Continental Gourmet Sausage in Glendale, California, or 818-502-1447.

More on Dungeness crab: Ken Castle said live crabs are available at the 168 Market at 3456 S. Jones Blvd., adding, “Can’t get fresher than that. Place crab back side down in rolling boiling salted water with some crab boil. Bring back to boil and cook for exactly 20 minutes. Delicious.”

More reader requests

Carolyn LeBaron is looking for Quaker Puffed Rice, which she used to get at Wal-Mart, Smith’s and Albertsons.

George Urias is looking for a source for burnt ends other than Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.

And Gail Houston is looking for a local source for geoduck, a large saltwater clam she had in Seattle.


April 19, 2017

Good news for Taste of the Town reader Honorene Unseitig: Chicagoland-favorite Supreme tamales are available in Las Vegas. The source is that palace of all things Eastern and Midwestern, Glazier’s Food Marketplace at 8525 W. Warm Springs Road. Glazier’s was suggested by Dave Draz, while Don Conner said Glazier’s sells Poncho Tamales, which he said are the same as Supreme.

Glazier’s also is the source for the coconut custard pie Vito Colucci is seeking, Ann Brown wrote in an email.

For Linda McCombs, who’s looking for hot soppressata, Brown said Glazier’s carries it as well; Dale Klabacha suggested Sprouts Farmers Market and 99 Cents Only.

For Bob Lammert, who’s looking for baked tortilla chips like he used to get at Trader Joe’s and other supermarkets, Phyllis Litman of Mesquite, who said she likewise couldn’t find them, emailed that she buys low-fat tortillas, cuts them up and bakes them.

For Bob Henle, who’s looking for Durkee Famous Sauce, CeCi Schreiber said it’s available at Glazier’s, Vons and Albertsons.

More on beef Wellington: Petta and Ron Khouw found it at Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas and at Zest Bistro & Bar at 10670 Southern Highlands Parkway.

More reader requests

Marianne and Frank Fusco are looking for Alta Badia Italian mountain cheese, which they used to get at Trader Joe’s.

Al Bianco is looking for a bakery that sells Black Forest Cake with whole cherries and whipped cream.

Dianne Miller is looking for a local source for Point Reyes Original Blue cheese.


April 12, 2017

Does anybody serve a complicated old standard like beef Wellington anymore? They sure do, and readers have several recommendations for Rosalie Depew, who’s looking for a local spot for it.

Ann Brown and Kathy Miller recommended Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens downtown. Miller also suggested Lawry’s The Prime Rib in the Hughes Center, a recommendation seconded by Martha Siebel. And Margot Guenther and Stephen Salchenberger recommended DeSimone’s Steakhouse at the Railroad Pass Casino in Henderson.

For Jan Guess and Larry LeBlanc, who are looking for a local restaurant that serves muffuletta sandwiches, Shelly Hofer recommended Jason’s Deli, which has five locations in the valley, and Brown recommended Giada’s at The Cromwell.

Rose Thomas is looking for a local source for German blood sausage. Readers haven’t found one, but Claude Black has two more distant recommendations. He said his “first choice, by far” is Alpine Village German Sausage in Torrance, California, and he also likes Mattern Sausage in Orange, California, which is slightly closer. Black said neither ships, so it looks like a road trip may be in order.

And for Lee L. Meyers, who’s looking for a sticky bun, “not a cinnamon roll,” preferably with raisins and nuts, Brown recommended Great Buns Bakery at 3270 E. Tropicana Ave.

More reader requests

Joseph Hamilton is looking for Loma Linda vegetarian foods.

Jim Garvin is looking for Atlantic cod and hams that are cured but not smoked.

James Berry is looking for buckwheat pancakes at a restaurant other than IHOP.

Ed Lucas is looking for crawfish tail meat (not whole crawfish) produced within the United States.


April 5, 2017

Sometimes, two or more Taste of the Town readers are surprisingly in sync; sometimes, a single reader has a split decision.

For Danny Calico, who’s looking for reader suggestions for Italian delis in the eastern valley, Danny Becker and Jean Day recommended Cugino’s at 4550 S. Maryland Parkway.

And for Nikki Smith, who’s looking for Dungeness crab, Ann Brown said they’re available in the freezer case at the Wal-Mart Supercenter at 5200 S. Fort Apache Road and can be ordered from the seafood manager at Glazier’s Food Marketplace, 8525 W. Warm Springs Road.

After Claudia Wright emailed in search of fiddleheads, Evelyn Austin emailed that she’s found them fresh at Whole Foods Market at 8855 W. Charleston Blvd. (one of four local Whole Foods). A company representative said availability varies because they’re mostly foraged; they expect to have them soon and periodically over the next couple of months.

For Kay Zike, who’s looking for Claussen Bread ’n Butter pickles, Ron Schultz said they’re available at Glazier’s.

For Albert Brzycki, who’s looking for frog legs, Ruth Jagodzinski recommended Andre’s Bistro & Bar at 6115 S. Fort Apache Road.

More reader requests

Dianne Miller is looking for Ken’s Lite Raspberry Pecan salad dressing.

Sandi McGrath is looking for Willow Tree chicken potpies.

And Norm Lubke is looking for reader suggestions for places that serve great meatloaf sandwiches.


March 29, 2017

Taste of the Town readers have the scoop on whole smoked fish for fellow reader Gary W. Hansen. Michelle Knoll, CeCi Schreiber and Honorene Unseitig recommended various Costco stores, where Unseitig said it looks fresh, moist and firm. Ann Brown recommended Glazier’s Food Marketplace at 8525 W. Warm Springs Road, and Kara Hierro of Glazier’s said it’s also available by the piece in the store’s Mrs. G’s Kitchen.

For Mary Byrne, who’s looking for a restaurant that serves house-made corned-beef hash, Lisa Armstrong recommended Babystacks, which has four locations in the valley.

For readers looking for Lebanon bologna, Eleanor Fischbach emailed that it’s available sliced in the deli at Smith’s at 4840 W. Desert Inn Road (and she noted that not all Smith’s have it), and that the same store has scrapple in the frozen-food department.

Fischbach also said Aunt Nellie’s Sweet and Sour Harvard Beets are available at Wal-Mart at 4505 W. Charleston Blvd.

More reader requests

Unseitig is looking for a local store that sells Supreme Tamales from Chicago.

Vito Colucci Jr. is looking for coconut custard pie.

Bob Lammert is looking for baked tortilla chips, which he used to get at Trader Joe’s and other chain supermarkets.

Jean Zinteck is looking for a lightly breaded pan-fried fish fry, like she used to get in Buffalo, New York.

And John Vorpahl is looking for fresh or canned shad roe and restaurants that serve fried chicken livers with gravy and calf fries or Rocky Mountain oysters.


Marach 22, 2017

This week, readers have recommendations for Joanie Mandel, who’s looking for 2 percent cottage cheese that isn’t as watery as others.

Ellen Garland said the “best and driest” is Knudson, which comes in a pink container. Ann Brown recommended Anderson Dairy which, as she noted, is a local product. And Gail Fleck said she swears by Smith’s Kroger brand.

For Diana Yueh, who’s looking for U-20 wild-caught shrimp, Brown said it’s available at Glazier’s Food Marketplace at 8525 W. Warm Springs Road, and Jan Visser suggested Trader Joe’s, which has multiple locations in the valley.

And for Dave Bourgeois, who’s looking for premium plain chocolate fudge without nuts, Mary Anne Taglia recommended Grandma Daisy’s Candy & Ice Cream Parlor at 530 Nevada Highway in Boulder City.

More on Spanish chorizo: Candy White emailed that Boar’s Head brand also is available at The Butcher Block, which has locations at 7965 S. Rainbow Blvd. and 6440 N. Durango Drive.


Rosalie Depew is looking for restaurants that serve beef Wellington — preferably not on the Strip.

Chris Vaughn is looking for Friendly’s ice cream, formerly available at Albertsons at 8410 Farm Road.

Bob Henle is looking for Durkee Famous Sauce.


Submit requests and information to Heidi Knapp Rinella at (please put Taste of the Town in the subject line), fax to 702-383-4676 or mail to her in care of P.O. Box 70, Las Vegas, NV 89125-0070. Find more of her stories at, and follow @HKRinella on Twitter.

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