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‘Rave baby’: Woman goes into labor at Electric Daisy Carnival

Maybe it was all that bass that was rumbling her belly.

After all, it’s Saturday night/Sunday morning at the Electric Daisy Carnival’s KineticField, where the sound booming from the massive stage is so all-encompassing, so powerful, your body feels like a recently struck tuning fork standing before it, such are the vibrations sent pulsing through your limbs.

EDM superstar Zedd’s up, his set starting shortly before 2 a.m.

He’s one of her favorites.

But then, Cristina Celis feels something — something a little off.

“I was just there vibing to the music, off to the side,” the 29-year-old native of Santa Clarita, California recalls. “And then I just felt that something’s going on. I sat there for a minute just trying to figure out what was going on.”

Did we mention she was over seven months pregnant?

Her baby wasn’t due for another four to six weeks, though.

It couldn’t be that, right?

Still, Celis went to a first aid tent just to be safe, where she was then transferred to the main first aid tent towards the front of the venue.

“Their doctors assessed me and asked me a bunch of questions,” Celis says. “They’re like, ‘Do you think it could be labor pains?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t think so, because I still have another two months.’ They came back and they’re like, ‘Because of how far along you are, we do prefer you go to the hospital,’ so they transported me to the hospital. All of this was within like 40 minutes.”

Ten to 15 minutes after arriving at University Medical Center, Celis delivered her first child with her boyfriend, Jonny Landon, by her side.

They named their baby girl Izzabella Daisy Garcia, her middle name taken from the event where the process of her birth began.

“We were having a little trouble figuring out a middle name — we were going back and forth,” Celis says. “And then, because of this situation, we actually did like the ring of ‘Daisy.’ It fit perfectly.”

They added another ‘Z’ to her first name in honor of Zedd.

Speaking of which, upon hearing reports that a baby had been born during his performance, Zedd asked for details of the birth in a Twitter post.

When Celis responded, Zedd replied in kind.

“CONGRATS!!!!! So happy you’re both healthy and that I had the honor to be the soundtrack,” he tweeted.

“We were speechless,” Celis says of Zedd’s response. ” We didn’t know what to think. We’re just like, ‘This is crazy.’ We didn’t think it would get this big.”

Celis and Landon will remain in Vegas for the next four to six weeks until it’s safe for them to travel home with their daughter.

“She’s doing really well they say, but just as a precaution, we had to make arrangements to stay here in Vegas until then,” Celis explains.

Five years ago, EDC was the first festival that Celis ever attended.

She’s made the trek to the mammoth electronic dance music event annually ever since.

Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that her family grew among her family at EDC.

“I love the rave community,” she says. “It’s always so welcoming, and makes me feel comfortable. It’s just crazy that this happened in one of my comfort places.”

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