Literary Las Vegas: Valentino Diazz III

Valentino Diazz III, born and raised in Las Vegas, recently released his debut sci-fi novel “Plutarchy.” The Basic High School and California Lutheran University graduate focuses on characters on the brink of a dystopian world where “Opulence rules with brutal impunity and masses toil in the shadow of their ingnoble masters.”


Theo closed the door and took the envelope to the bed. Tearing off an end he shook loose the contents. A small box, a piece of paper, and a clear plastic business card with the Cunningham Technologies logo and their company slogan ‘Think Ahead’ fell out. The paper was folded and inside was a brief note that appeared handwritten. ‘Enjoy the gift Theo. Hope you like the new model.’ Opening up the box he whistled softly. Inside was a holodeck. About the size of his palm it was a jet black octagon with a shiny black CT inscribed on the bottom. This was a state-of-the-art deck, and he hadn’t seen one like it on even his wealthiest friends. He doubted it was available to the general public, and the temptation to play around with it was overwhelming. Holodecks could interface with other electronic devices and gather information, then play back that information in a three dimensional representation; additionally it contained lenses and microphones concealed in the sides that could also record information for playback later.

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