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Showgirl shares tales from her time with Oscar Goodman

Porsha Revesz remembers walking into an old restaurant in New York City with Oscar Goodman.

The pair was there for a "Good Morning America" holiday appearance a few years back.

A crusty bartender behind the counter recognized Goodman, but it wasn’t because he knew him from being the "World’s Happiest Mayor."

Goodman, 71, was the mob lawyer.

"It was something straight out of ‘The Sopranos,’ " Revesz said, alluding to the HBO drama that centers around New Jersey-based mobsters. "We walked in, and (Goodman) knew all of these old mob guys. That was a lot of fun."

Decked out in iconic Las Vegas showgirl style — complete with headdress and the feathers — Revesz has held onto Goodman’s elbow for about seven years. The 31-year-old has accompanied the mayor to promotional events all over the globe.

She’s been promoting the city as a showgirl with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for about 10 years.

It will be difficult to see Goodman leave office, she said.

"I have developed a great friendship with him," Revesz said. "I’ll miss seeing him as much as I do. He makes me laugh with his stories."

The duo met during a photo shoot for Esquire magazine in 2004. There was an Elvis impersonator, too.

"When we started talking I was blown away because he was so normal and nice and outgoing," Revesz said. "He’s straightforward. There’s nothing fake about him. I’ll miss my good friend."

There was the trip to London to promote British Airways nonstop flights to Las Vegas. That’s when a firetruck flashing its lights tore through London’s streets and stopped in front of Goodman and Revesz.

"(The firefighters) literally got out to take pictures with us," Revesz said, laughing. "We were, like, ‘Isn’t there a fire or a burning building you guys have to take care of?’ "

She has seen Goodman throw out the first pitch at many baseball games, watched as he pretended to skydive from a helicopter during the mayor’s conference when it was hosted in Las Vegas, and she witnessed Goodman deliver his final State of the City speech — an emotional event where "everybody was a little choked up."

"It’s been an incredible ride with him," Revesz said. "He’s so loved in this city. I’ve never seen a politician so loved and so well-liked."

The partnership the mayor has created with the showgirls is unique and one that will always be special to Goodman, she added.

"With the mayor, what you see is what you get," Revesz said. "He has a no B.S. attitude. He tells it like it is. He loves his martini, and what I see is what everybody else sees, too. He has a big personality."

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