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Justice Department investigating itself

The Department of Justice has opened a criminal inquiry into its own probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, sparking debate about what crime may have occurred in the incident.

Rep. Cummings remembered as ‘fierce champion’ at funeral

“Our Elijah was a fierce champion of truth, justice and kindness in every part of his life,” said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who took the stage at the New Psalmist Baptist Church to rousing applause.

House investigators go subpoena route for 3 administration officials

Impeachment investigators issued subpoenas Friday to three more Trump administration officials, demanding that they testify in the probe of President Donald Trump’s efforts to force Ukraine to feed him damaging information about his Democratic political opponents.

‘Too darn old’: Sanders, Biden confront age concerns

Both Bernie Sanders, 78, and Joe Biden, 76, suggest their age isn’t a major issue, but voters, particularly older voters, aren’t so sure.

After Trump withdrawal, US to send troops to Syria oil fields

The Pentagon says it is committed to sending additional military forces to eastern Syria to “reinforce” control of the oil fields and prevent them from “falling back to into the hands of ISIS or other destabilizing actors.”

Republicans delicately stand by Trump after diplomat’s testimony

Wednesday was a day of careful counterargument by congressional Republicans, the day after America’s top envoy in Ukraine gave House impeachment investigators an explosive, detailed roadmap of President Donald Trump’s drive to squeeze that country’s leaders for damaging information about his Democratic political rivals.

Trump’s lynching claim renews pain for kin of actual victims

Relatives of racist lynchings were aghast Tuesday after President Trump compared his own possible impeachment to lynching — racist killings that claimed at least 4,400 lives.