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Age discrimination exists in Las Vegas

In response to Rita Ransom’s letter regarding your recent story on business owners complaining about a lack of qualified candidates to fill job vacancies:

My husband and I moved here from the Midwest in 2014. I had worked in the medical field as support staff for 25 years. The past 13 years I had worked in food service. I was 60 years old, then, and apparently “too old” to be considered for any position. Of course, this was never stated.

Ms. Ransom was correct. Applications were filled out online, and no personal contact was involved. The positions I applied for were support staff, not CEO. There was never a phone call or an email regarding my application.

Every application stated “no discrimination.” I guess age discrimination is not included. I have applied for 25 positions in various areas and have not received one response. We have realized that Nevada is not what it claims to be.

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