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Don’t blame women for the gender pay gap

In response to Victor Joecks’ Wednesday column: How wonderful that women bring this pay gap upon themselves and that choosing to have a child is the biggest reason for unequal pay. Is Mr. Joecks a Neanderthal?

Rather than punishing a woman for having a child, women should receive credit for the time they take off. Or would Mr. Joecks rather a woman had an abortion to stay in the workplace and remain competitive with the men? (I already know the answer.)

Also, there are many jobs that should pay higher — for instance, teaching, health care (especially those in nursing homes or assisted living facilities) and nonprofit work (things that can really make a difference when it comes to quality of life and the community).

The wage gap in Utah is 70 cents for women to every $1 for a man, and Utah bills itself as a family values state. How ironic. I was one of the few lucky ones. I worked as a police officer (in another state) and earned the same pay as the other officers because we had a union to protect us.

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