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Don’t underestimate America’s silent, red majority

In response to the raid on President Donald Trump’s attorney and your Monday editorial about a “blue wave” rising, one thing is for certain: The giant is awakening.

This giant isn’t blue. It’s red, and you will see the numbers reflect this as the registration gap closes in Nevada and across the nation. Those who register as independents will also start leaning more and more right. Say what you want about the progressive moment, Americans will never betray the true roots of freedom. Many Republicans and Democrats are now registered independents and bleed “red, white and blue.” They have grown disenchanted with the GOP and the Democratic National Committee.

Last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi actually stated that if the Democrats get control they will repeal the tax cuts. When you consider how the Affordable Care Act has failed middle-class America with high premiums and out-of-pocket costs, I don’t think repealing the tax cuts is the right message. In fact, I just learned that in 2019 out-of-pocket expenses will be significantly increasing for individuals and families. No, I don’t see that “blue wave” coming.

If the Republicans actually come up with a good health insurance solution and learn how to communicate better, the wave we will see is red. Truth be told, Americans are not happy with the FBI using FISA as a tool, using a porno actress as a pawn and using their powers to deceive all of us.

The “no-knock raid” on Michael Cohen is a perfect example of the FBI overreaching to make a point.

You can use any poll you’d like if you want to hear what you want to hear. But I’m telling you that true Americans will never allow our nation to adopt a progressive agenda. They want to live in our nation, free and safe.

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