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LETTER: A young man is senselessly killed

In reading the articles regarding the tragic death of young Jonathan Lewis, I am absolutely appalled and sick to my stomach. Who are these children who have so easily snuffed out the life of this boy without any apparent thought? Are they already so damaged that life is meaningless and without importance?

Prosecutors, do your job and prosecute. Then mandate that these boys receive benefit of rehabilitation and care to, I hope, turn their lives around while they are serving their time to eventually become productive citizens with renewed respect for life.

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LETTER: A’s short-term plans don’t include Las Vegas

Playing in a minor league park in Salt Lake City or Sacramento for three years is an insult to Las Vegas fans when we have a new minor league park here.

LETTER: A path toward immigration reform

In my view, immigrants seeking to come to the United States send a powerful message about what a great country we have.

LETTER: Student loan forgiveness?

If I bought a car for $20,000 and didn’t pay in full or make payments, it would be repossessed.