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LETTER: Another Las Vegas kid loses his life

In response to your Feb. 11 article, “Youth group backs education on crime”:

Bravo to this young group of future leaders of our country, state and local communities. These issues are serious and impact many families throughout our state.

I have lived in Clark County a little more than 20 years. From the headlines in the Review-Journal the past several years, it seems the Clark County School District should also require similar instruction for prospective teachers and other staff. Clearly, there is some confusion with personal boundaries between some adult staff members and the children we entrust them with.

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LETTER: Beware of fascism

Wayne Allyn Root writes about a plan to “make America American again” and lists 10 proposed executive orders to “stop illegal immigration.” Coincidence?

LETTER: ‘What’s a dean?’

I know well about deans in higher education, but I’ve never heard of a dean in K-12. So I assumed “dean” was a new title for “assistant principal.”

LETTER: The mystery of environmental NIMBYism

The very people who claim we are destroying the planet and must get off fossil fuels are the ones who fight the attempts to do just that.