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LETTER: Another tax to fund the Nevada public schools?

There’s talk of a new tax to raise money for education (Nov. 20 Review-Journal). I’m all for it — under one condition: It doesn’t affect me or you. Let me explain.

The casino parking lots are full — so full that many of them decided to charge a parking fee to boost their bottom lines. They’re also building more casinos. They wouldn’t be doing that if they weren’t profitable.

I suggest raising the taxes on the gambling take to address the school-spending deficit. Then, if you wish to gamble, you will be educating a child, paying a teacher and building schools.

The gaming tax is 6.75 percent. That seems low, given that each of us pays more than 8 percent in sales tax on just about anything we purchase.

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LETTER: Gov. Steve Sisolak and food stamp rules

If we continue giving away food stamps to “work-eligible adults” without restriction, we will just encourage people not to work.