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LETTER: Bernie’s world

It never ceases to amaze me how many unworkable ideas come out of Congress and the Senate, especially from elected officials who have been in “public service” for a number of years. The new idea by Bernie Sanders (in various offices since 1991) is to impose a 32-hour work week, with no loss of pay (Sunday Review-Journal). Does Sen. Sanders not realize the effect that would have on private businesses?

President Joe Biden was recently commenting on shrinkflation. Obviously he has never run a business. You need to stay in business and make a profit in order to pay your workers. I wonder how many businesses would move operations to another country that was more “friendly” if this proposal passed.

Government officials do not live under the rules they impose on the general public. If they deem more money is needed, they vote to raise our taxes. What a great deal. They vote on their own pay, health care, etc. We should all be that fortunate.

It’s more than past time to put term limits for “public servants” in place. But, wait … they’d have to vote on that.

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