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LETTER: But the COVID crisis is over

In his recent letter to the editor, John Schryver criticized Victor Joecks’ April 11 column in which Mr. Joecks stated that the virus “crisis was over.” Mr. Schryver continued with his “tongue in cheek” assault on Mr. Joecks by mocking him with his comments of, “Who needs Dr. (Anthony) Fauci or any other expert when we have Mr. Joecks to guide us?”

What Mr. Schryver fails to realize is that the crisis is over. Businesses are authorized to be open at up to 50 percent capacity in Nevada and will be fully opening up no later than June 1, according to Gov. Steve Sisolak. And, yes, we can go to the casinos, restaurants, bars and sporting events right now.

Mr. Schryver states he “wasn’t aware” that Mr. Joecks had training in this area. Mr. Joecks doesn’t have training in this area. But he does keep up on the situation of no more social distancing and other restrictions being lifted. Mr. Schryver should go ahead and celebrate the end of the “crisis.”

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