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LETTER: Can we ditch daylight savings time once and for all?

If there is a person out there who thinks that moving our clocks an hour backward in the fall and forward in the spring is not the most thoughtless idea in the history of thoughtless ideas, I wish he or she would come forward and explain their reasoning. A consistent sleep pattern is an important part of good health and the pursuit of happiness. Call on the Legislature to fix this thoughtless idea.

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LETTERS: Don’t blame Republicans for border chaos

The president and his handlers alone have done an outstanding job of notifying the world that the border is open and the welcome mat is out.

LETTER: FBI comes after its own trusted informant

Remember when the Democrats lectured us on the importance of never revealing the identity of a confidential informant? Apparently, when you provide the FBI with information about a sitting president taking bribes from Ukraine, all bets are off.