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LETTER: Collective bargaining for state workers a danger to taxpayers

Glad to see your Monday editorial on collective bargaining (“Let taxpayers in on collective bargaining talks”). I’ve been touting the idea that no taxpayer-funded entity should ever be allowed to unionize for taxpayer-funded wages. It is fraught with fraud.

Those in civil-service jobs — teachers, police officers and firefighters, the district attorney, etc. — have a culture of manipulating the contracts. Not only should a few taxpayer representatives be present during negotiations, the taxpayer also needs to understand precisely how these collective bargaining units operate.

Some jump on the backs of other unions. They simply get a certain percentage over and above whatever another union gets. Watch these contracts. They’re killers.

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LETTER: MLK Day and marijuana establishments

To suggest that jobs for African Americans in the marijuana industry would be a savior for them is ludicrous.