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LETTER: Democrats say they love ‘democracy’

We hear Democrats saying that, if Donald Trump is elected, it will mean the “death of democracy.” They base this on things Mr. Trump says he will do if back in the Oval Office. But with the system of checks and balances we have in place, do reasonable people really think he will singlehandedly turn this country into a dictatorship?

One of the basic tenets of our constitutional republic (not a democracy) is the concept that we can vote for the candidate of our choice in free elections. Robust debate over the issues is one of the ways we can decide for whom to vote. So why is it acceptable that progressive judges (Colorado) and secretaries of state (Maine) can remove a candidate from the ballot for insurrection when he has never been charged with it, much less convicted?

If you are looking for a true threat to our system of voting, Joe Biden has repeatedly declined to participate in any form of open debate and refuses to take unscreened questions in what are called his press conferences. In addition, the Democratic committees submitting their list of candidates for the primaries in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Massachusetts, provided a list with only Mr. Biden’s name to be placed on the ballot, thereby denying the voters in those states the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice.

Seems to me that these actions are more of a threat to our freedoms than any “mean tweets.”

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