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LETTER: Eviction moratorium led to rent increases

In response to the recent letter writer complaining about rent increases:

Remember when Gov. Steve Sisolak imposed a ban on evictions? People who didn’t pay their rent could live free in their rental unit without fear of eviction. Well, the landlords of those properties didn’t get a reprieve from paying their expenses, did they? Landlords still had to pay utilities. If there was a problem with plumbing or electrical, those landlords still had to pay to fix those problems, didn’t they? Landlords still had to pay their taxes, didn’t they?

Where does any renter think the landlords get the money for these expenses? Yes, from the rent that renters pay the landlord. When those renters stopped paying their rent, landlords had to take up the slack with their own money. How were landlords supposed to recoup that loss of income?

Renters need to put the blame for rising rents where it belongs: Gov. Sisolak.

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