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LETTER: EVs are great — if you’re not going on a road trip

In his Sunday’s letter, Christopher Boyd touts the fact he no longer must pay for $5 a gallon for gasoline, as his EV is so efficient that he can drive around for a month without spending that much. Yes, his EV is efficient. However, has Mr. Boyd attempted to drive beyond the typical EV range of about 200 miles? I doubt it. Can he take a short “hop” to St. George and back without being concerned about having enough “fuel” to at least run the AC during the drive?

Sure, I’d like a cheaper way to drive. But if I owned an EV, I would also need a gasoline-powered vehicle for any trip I might want to take of more than 200 miles. Also, if Mr. Boyd returned from a trip to St. George (about 260 miles round trip) in his EV and had an emergency, would he be able to handle that without waiting for the EV to charge? Just asking.

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LETTER: Don’t blame ranked-choice voting

We need voter education immediately before our June and November elections to ensure Nevada voters are not disenfranchised due to the change to universal mail-in voting.

LETTER: Biden leans on Israel again

On the one hand Biden touts U.S. support for our ally Israel, while on the other he criticizes Israel to pander for votes from the far left and Arab Americans.

LETTER: Democrats have mixed-up priorities

Rep. Titus should quit blaming Republicans for the complete chaos she and her party have created. I hope the House holds firm. No money unless there is true change at the border.

LETTER: Putin and Trump two peas in a pod

Vladimir Putin has complete immunity for all actions taken while president. Oddly, today in the United States of America, we, too, have a president claiming complete immunity.

LETTER: Guns over butter

If you received a bill tomorrow from Uncle Sam demanding a check for $330 for every person in your household to fund these wars, how would you react?

LETTER: The ‘reality’ of the border

In his Monday letter “Reality TV,” Tim Cox seems to overlook a crucial element — a genuine sense of reality.