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LETTER: Get the feds and the unions out of education

For years, I have made it a habit to go directly to the Review-Journal opinion page when I get my paper. I am rarely disappointed in its content, and last Sunday’s edition was no exception.

The RJ is a real newspaper, while the Sun is mainly a regurgitation of elitist opinions from both coasts and is a total waste of newsprint.

I would also like to commend Bruce Blough for his marvelous letter (“Union power”) to the editor on teachers unions. My own view goes a bit farther. We will never, ever have quality education for the masses until we get the federal government and the unions out of the process. Many will argue that the schools need the federal money, but that can be handled with block grants, no strings attached.

Do we really have the will to do what is right for our community and our future? I doubt it.

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