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LETTER: Government regulations are sometimes for the better

These days, complaints abound about our government having too many agencies enforcing too many regulations.

Recently, I had a conflict with an insurance company trying to avoid paying the full amount of my loss. The amount I lost was relatively small, but the arrogance of the home warranty company — knowing my complaint was valid, but refusing to pay what they owed — angered me so much that I contacted the Nevada Division of Insurance, Consumer Complaint Division.

Within three weeks of my complaint, the home warranty company agreed to “amicably” settle with me for the full amount. Without the Consumer Protection Division of an obscure state agency, I would not have recovered my loss without outrageous legal bills.

Consumers need protection from companies trying to take advantage, and our government is the only institution that can protect the purchaser. Oftentimes, our tax dollars do go to good use.

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