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LETTER: Green energy advocates versus the environmentalists

I see the environmentalists and the green energy folks are going at it again (“No free lunch for green energy,” Sunday commentary). All we hear these days is that we must transition from fossil fuels to renewables and electric vehicles before climate change destroys Earth. In order to do that we need lithium to make the batteries to power EVs. Lithium has to be mined — and no way the environmentalists will go along with that. They are trying to scuttle a proposed lithium mine in Esmeralda County to save a plant called Tiehm’s buckwheat.

Tough decisions have to be made, folks. We cannot be all things to all people. Save Tiehm’s buckwheat or mine for lithium?

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LETTER: Be thankful you can actually buy gasoline

As someone old enough to have endured 1974 gas shortages and lines at pumps, with sometimes 50 vehicles waiting to buy gas, I am OK with paying $5 a gallon for gasoline.