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LETTER: Is there another Joe Biden out there?

I was both amazed and amused by the April 16 letter from Rick Reynolds headlined “Wimpy Democrats.” Is the Joe Biden to whom Mr. Reynolds refers the same Joe Biden who has been stumbling and bumbling in the presidency for the past three years, or is there another one who has yet to appear?

As for Mr. Biden being a “good, honest man,” that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. He has been investigated for having classified documents in his garage in Delaware. And then there’s the matter of why his son, Hunter, was able to obtain a lucrative job in Ukraine.

I personally think both the front-runner presidential candidates should step aside and give us some choices who are younger and have fresh ideas to get us out of the $35 trillion debt. As for Jacky Rosen, she is now trying to distance herself from Mr. Biden, Her voting record speaks for where her true loyalties lie.

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