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LETTER: It’s all about the prices, stupid

Politicians and analysts are telling us how much inflation has come down since 2022 (to the tune of a two-thirds decrease), and how the public doesn’t seem to appreciate or notice that fact. Really? They act like inflation, which is a rate of increase, is akin to prices.

I don’t care what the government stats are on inflation after the pandemic, but our personal monthly expenses increased by 20-25 percent, not the 9 percent rate they quote. I am including groceries, insurance, utilities, supplies, fuel, maintenance costs etc. for everyday living — and not including eating out or vacations.

Many workers received substantial wage increases or got better jobs and are doing OK. Not so much for retirees with no chance for substantial increases in retirement income. There are many reasons for the big increases, both political and economic, but please stop touting inflation rates and talk about prices. This is why the “kitchen table” households are concerned with Joe Biden.

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