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LETTER: It’s not Joe’s age

President Joe Biden’s age has nothing to do with his terrible poll numbers. The reason his popularity is dwindling is his inability to do what the people perceive as his job. Let’s face it: Lots of folks who are older than Mr. Biden can walk and chew gum.

I would like to say that, after a lifetime of public service, Mr. Biden deserves to be enjoying retirement at this stage of his life. I would also like to say that the political elites keeping Mr. Biden’s hopes of re-election alive should be tarred and feathered and thrown out of the permanent Washington bureaucracy.

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LETTER: Putin and Trump two peas in a pod

Vladimir Putin has complete immunity for all actions taken while president. Oddly, today in the United States of America, we, too, have a president claiming complete immunity.

LETTER: Guns over butter

If you received a bill tomorrow from Uncle Sam demanding a check for $330 for every person in your household to fund these wars, how would you react?

LETTER: The ‘reality’ of the border

In his Monday letter “Reality TV,” Tim Cox seems to overlook a crucial element — a genuine sense of reality.

LETTER: The Cold Civil War

We have people with power and influence threatening us with deprogramming and F-16s. Let’s get real.

LETTER: Time to wise up on the national debt

In 2024, the Congressional Budget Office estimates interest payments on the debt will be around $870 billion. Just think what good things could be done for us Americans with just half of those dollars.

LETTER: Fake Nevada electors and legal jurisdiction

The wrongdoing was against the entire state of Nevada. So it should not make any difference in which county someone said and did what.