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LETTER: Nevada gets a new national monument

Consider that all of the United States is sacred land that was lived on freely by the indigenous people — until the Europeans came over and took most of the land.

Indigenous citizens deserve to have their sacred sites returned to their care. National monuments do just that. As a wonderful bonus all Americans can enjoy the “Spirit Mountain,” aka Avi Kwa Ame.

And a note to Gov. Joe Lombardo: You were not consulted because you were not governor when the negotiations and decisions were going on. Congratulations on becoming governor.

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LETTER: Nighty night, kids

Solving the school start time issue.

LETTER: Addressing copper thefts

How about solar street lights? All the mechanics of this type of lighting is at the top of the pole, away from thieves.

LETTER: Biden scolds Netanyahu

One hundred thousand Americans a year die from the drugs coming across our southern border — a border that was opened by the executive orders of Mr. Biden after he took office.

LETTER: Biden ignores the Supreme Court again

Wants taxpayers to cover more student loan debt. He has already burdened U.S. taxpayers with about $145 billion of student debt.

LETTER: Vocational education should be even more attractive

Lower costs and drop unnecessary classes. Vocational schools might increase their enrollment further if they quit requiring college courses as part of their curriculum.