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LETTER: Review-Journal’s Super Bowl betting advice pays off

I really could not decide who or how to bet this past Super Bowl. The teams seemed so evenly matched and the over/under number looked to be spot on. But then, on the Sunday morning of the game, fate smiled down upon me as I read a Review-Journal sports article that surveyed the opinions of 34 “experts” that included media members, oddsmakers, professional bettors and handicappers.

Each “expert” submitted a pick as to which team would win the game, as well as a prediction for the exact final score.

In a football game, there are four possible combinations when betting a side-to-point-total parlay. Perusing all of the 34 selections, I noticed, with utter amazement that exactly none of the experts came up with the Chiefs and “under” prediction. Zero for 34. I could not have imagined a clearer sign from heaven as to just how this Super Bowl should be bet.

Anyway, thanks very much for printing that article. I eagerly await next year’s Super Bowl survey. I hope those same 34 “experts” can be contacted again because I’m sure by then my bankroll will most certainly will need to be refilled again.

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