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LETTER: School District sends wrong messages by firing Clark High School principal

Victor Joecks’ column regarding the firing of Principal Antonio Rael was spot on (Jan. 31). While Mr. Joecks focused on the events leading to Mr. Rael’s firing, a look at what was learned is instructive:

Students learned that leisurely roaming the halls at will is acceptable behavior and earning failing grades is OK. It’s evidently all right that 80 percent of them are not proficient at graduation.

Parents learned that if they complain vociferously about the tardy policy it will — poof! — vanish into the night. Being on time is overrated. One can only speculate what other educationally appropriate policies disappeared.

Teachers learned that complaining about lesson plans and observations will hasten the demise of these annoying intrusions. All is well in Camelot and, after all, 20 percent of their graduates are college ready.

Principals desiring positive changes for their students learned that the powers that be are fine with the status quo. Do not upset the students. Do not upset the parents. Do not upset the teachers.

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