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LETTER: Separation of church and state doesn’t mean no religion

Why is it so hard for today’s liberal progressives to understand how this nation was formed? Separation of church and state was not a means to do away with Christianity in our government. Look at your money. What does it say on it? In God we Trust. Why do we swear on the Bible during court trials? Why are presidents and judges sworn in on the Bible? Why does Congress open with a prayer? Why does our government raise a Christmas tree every December?

It’s interesting that, when there were prayers in school, we didn’t have our children stomped to death by little thugs. Our children knew what gender they were. Police were not needed on a daily basis. But that was then … wasn’t it?

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LETTER: FBI comes after its own trusted informant

Remember when the Democrats lectured us on the importance of never revealing the identity of a confidential informant? Apparently, when you provide the FBI with information about a sitting president taking bribes from Ukraine, all bets are off.

LETTER: Alabama IVF court ruling a result of ignorance

It is apparent that the justices on the Alabama Supreme Court either did not understand the process of IVF, or are, frankly, religious nutcakes who don’t give a damn.

LETTER: A’s plans an insult to Las Vegas fans

The A’s short-term goal of staying in Oakland, with fallback plans of Salt Lake City and Sacramento is a slap in the face of Las Vegas baseball fans.