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LETTER: Some people don’t mind turning back the clocks

In his Wednesday letter, James T. Davenport wrote that he did not like the sun setting so early in the evening. He seems to have no problem requiring people to commute to work in morning darkness or students waiting for their school bus on dark frigid mornings.

Perhaps this issue will be worked out in the future. However, someone is always going to be dissatisfied. We lived in Denver the year that daylight saving time was imposed in February, and the school our children attended just delayed start time for an hour to mitigate the discomfort.

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LETTER: Biden’s bungles student loans, the border

Mr. Biden opened the border. He can close the border. If he does not have the authority to close the border, then he did not have the authority to implement his first action, that of opening the border.

LETTER: O.J. tribute in bad taste

Mr. Katsilometes is apparently such a slave to celebrity that he is blinded to the character flaws of the violent felon who he remembers in fawning and adoring terms.

LETTER: Justice is not always served

Two Friday articles remind us that our “justice system” does not work well. It works better as an “injustice” system.

LETTER: No comfort in falling inflation rates

I suggest that our politicians spend less time attacking each other and more time developing a plan to reduce inflation.

LETTER: Jacky Rosen runs from her Democrat-ness

As a lifelong Democrat, I agree with Cobey Du’bravo’s Wednesday letter in which he criticized Sen. Jacky Rosen’s campaign ad for implying she is a maverick Democrat.