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LETTER: The genius of Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez’s July 30 cartoon on the Barr hearing was the best I’ve ever seen. Mr. Ramirez is a genius. He is a creative artist. He is funny and does his homework. There are so many levels of truth in “The Anatomy of an Impaired Hearing” that communicate what so many of us think but do not have the gifts Mr. Ramirez has to express them. Thank you for having Mr. Ramirez on your staff. We so look forward to his creations.

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LETTER: Judge Richard Scotti is fair and ethical

Having known District Court Judge Richard Scotti for many years, I know him to be a man of high morals, character and ethics.

LETTER: Time to open Clark County’s schools

Come on, folks. If older people can go out to enjoy themselves in bars and casinos, why can’t the children be back in school?

LETTER: Biden and national mask mandate

Joe Biden recently said about a national mask mandate: “My legal team thinks I might have the authority to do so as president.”