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LETTER: The governor, Nevada lawmakers and the A’s

Gov. Joe Lombardo and Nevada lawmakers are obviously sharp business people with great financial acumen. Spending $400 million of other people’s (aka taxpayer) money on a deal with sports and money genius John Fisher clearly demonstrates that. What a track record this guy has. The only guy born on third base to get thrown out stealing second.

But to the point: I’ve got a real deal for you all, and at a considerably lower price. I’ve got a bridge up here with a gate made of gold. You may have heard of it. I’m willing to let it go to you guys for $199.99 if you throw in two tickets for the Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil show. Please PayPal the dough to me right away before someone else grabs this deal.

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LETTER: What became of this once-great desert city?

Now, locals are forgotten, seniors are struggling and the drunk, drugged and selfish tourists who don’t follow the rules of law and order are frightening.