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LETTER: The Nevada Department of Transportation wants you to carpool.

Updated May 31, 2019 - 9:51 pm

Tony Illia of the Nevada Department of Transportation states that “as fast as we build lanes they fill up.” He states that HOV lanes provide better air quality.

Let’s get this straight. Taking an existing lane or two out of general commerce provides better air quality? Do not 500 hundred cars moving 5 mph spew more emissions than if all those same vehicles could move faster? Of course they do.

You will carpool!

Meeting your family for dinner on the Strip? Because they live all over the valley, let’s make a plan to carpool. Wait, won’t driving to pick up each other cause even more emissions?

You will carpool!

Drivers in 500 cars stuck in traffic looking over at a few cars in one or two lanes, all going in the same direction, does not bring out the best in people. Those people are irritated, agitated and dissatisfied, which is not good.

You will carpool!

Las Vegas is not a 9-to-5 town where it might make sense to carpool. The majority of people, alas, cannot overcome the agenda of a government entity by voicing their objections.

You will carpool!

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