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LETTER: There’s no hiding Joe Biden’s ineptitude

It’s hard to imagine a president of any country being more pathetic, feckless and pitiful than Joe Biden. He is dangerous and is putting our great nation at tremendous peril.

After his Jan. 20 news conference, it’s evident to all — even those in his own party and the media. There is no hiding his ineptitude. It’s on display for the whole world to see.

Announcing that he fully expects Vladimir Putin to make a “small incursion” into Ukraine gives that tyrant a green light. Putin, Xi and — once again, Kim Jong Un — are saber rattling. Mr. Biden’s mettle will be tested, and I fear he will be found woefully inadequate in facing these mounting challenges. History is replete with examples of wars being started to provide a distraction for world leaders trying to rescue their failing administrations.

The only scenario that could be more frightening if the 25th Amendment were to be invoked against Mr. Biden to remove him from office is that Kamala Harris would assume the presidency. God help us.

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