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LETTER: We already know where Donald Trump stands

In your April 17 editorial, you state that President Joe Biden had “better” commit to presidential debates. President Biden has said that his participation “depends on [Trump’s] behavior.” You claim to wonder what “that means,” while forgetting how Donald Trump acted during his debates with Hillary Clinton.

You argue the public needs to know where the candidates stand. Mr. Trump has already made his positions known. He’s stated he’s going to be a dictator on day one, use the FCC to remove any networks that he feels aren’t yielding to his favor, hold deportation raids, impose tariffs on all imported goods, close the Department of Education, kill the Affordable Care Act, implement a new Muslim ban and pass more tax cuts for the rich and corporations. What do we need debates for? Don’t you believe him?

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The 32-hour workweek recently proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders presents an opportunity to reflect on the hidden costs of our workplace culture.

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At minimum, the library board needs to recover the cost of each ticket from their salaries, and both men need to issue a formal public apology, I would think.